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Puppy Questionaire

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out the questionaire or give us a call.  If you prefer, you can copy/paste into an email: ( ) or print and mail.  Be sure to hit the down arrow to answer all questions.




Name:    Email:


Telephone:    Fax:




City:  State:  Zip:




Breed(s) of Dogs Previously Owned:

What happened to these dogs?


What breeds of dogs do you currently own?


Their temperament:


Gender:   Spayed or Neutered?


How did you learn of the Coton?


Why are you interested in owning a Coton?


Do you plan to breed or show?


Will you keep in touch with the breeder?    


Do you live in a:  Home Apartment Other, please describe


Do you have a securely fenced yard?    


What percentage will your Coton be in the house?    Yard?   Other? 


How many hours away from home are you each day?


Where will your Coton be during this time?


When you are away for work or vacation - how will your Coton be cared for?


On what occasions do you plan to use a crate, and if so, how long? 


Where will your Coton sleep?


What type of training do you intend for your Coton?


Please list Family members/ages:


Briefly explain why you have chosen this time to bring a Coton into your family and how all of the

family members feel about it:  


Describe your personality:      


Hobbies, dog related or not:   


Preference, male/female, why? 


Please check all that apply - I want a Coton for: Companionship    Show     Obedience    Agility     Therapy     Breeding     Other - Explain: 


Any coat color preference? Describe:


Will you spay or neuter this dog?  


Describe the perfect temperament for your new puppy.


Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. It should prove helpful to me in placing a puppy in your home.




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